Thursday, November 14, 2013

ACTFL's Three Domains

There are great conversations happening regarding Priority Skill Sets and CSAs.  As we know the ACTFL Standards (The 5 C's) are very broad and not entirely helpful in drilling down to priority skill sets for our CSAs.  That being said, I thought the image below might help teams choose priority skill sets in relation to ACTFL's 3 Domains:  Functions, Content & Context, Text Type.  (These are also linked on the blog, upper right)

In looking at CSAs for French, German & Spanish it appears these teams are focusing on verb conjugations which supports the third domain "text type".  See image below and feel free to steal wording below the image IF it aligns with your teams CSA.

CSA Priority Alignment:  Priority Skill Set aligns with ACTFL’s 3rd domain “text type” specifically relating to.... (conjugation for communication and performance in current and future levels)

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