Friday, November 15, 2013

Final Touches to Curriculum Work

Notes from High School Curriculum Council (HSCC) from November 15, 2013

A small team will convene on December 9th to review and publish curriculum work.  This team was selected by Dr. Westfall and includes:  HSCC Chair/Rep, Department Chairs from each HS, Dr. Westfall and optional Administrator Liaison (Liz Fletcher).

Work to be Published in Build Your Own Curriculum (BYOC) on December 9th:
  • Scope & Sequence/Map
  • First CSA for 3rd Quarter Implementation 
    • only 1 CSA due by this date
Scope & Sequence/Map Look Fors Will Be:
  • Order of Unit/Themes
  • Timelines/Windows for Unit/Theme Completion
  • Prioritized Standards/Domains
    • CSA/Priority concepts bolded, highlighted
Common Summative Assessment Look Fors Will Be:
  • Alignment of each CSA to the Priority Standards/Domains
    • notation on the Scope & Sequence/Map
  • Testing Window/Timeframe of each CSA noted on the Scope & Sequence/Map
  • Questions clearly scaffolded to Taxonomies (Depth of Knowledge)
    • At this point there has been no decision regarding how data will be reported out.  This will be determined as the HSCC team continues to work with directors.
Items to Consider:
  •  Add a row on your Scope & Sequence/Map to include:
    • CSA title, 
    • Priority Standard Alignment, 
    • DOK Levels Assessed on the CSA
    • Testing Window/Timeframe
How your teams can help:
  •  Leads will communicate with each content team member regarding work to accomplish
    • German:  Cindy Biermann
    • Chinese:  Shianguu Hsieh
    • Latin:  Patricia Kurtz
    • Spanish:  Susan Lynn
    • French:  Jessica Lumetta
  • All team members vested in curriculum work are welcome to dive into the work by accessing their Tab (at top of page) to view work and provide feedback to Team Leads
Thank you for the amazing work you have completed thus far.  Please let us know if there is any way we can assist in the completion of this work over the next few weeks.

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