Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tutorials for Accessing Curriculum & CSA Data Entry

How to Access Build Your Own Curriculum (BYOC):


How to Access Inform to Enter CSA Data:


How to Find PowerSchool Student ID Numbers:
You will only need this tutorial IF you choose to export your student data to an Excel Spreadsheet.  You will then NOT enter data into Inform, but instead email the spreadsheet to Christopher Hand and he will import into Inform.  HOWEVER, the notes below are extremely important for the import to be successful.

NOTE I: If exporting student answers to an Excel document Christopher Hand states that  PowerSchool Student Numbers must be a column within the Excel spreadsheet. If administering an assessment via Quia, Google Form, Clickers or any other digital platform...you can easily embed a non-graded question at the front of the assessment asking.... "Input your student ID here..."

NOTE II: If you are Quia savvy you can import all of your students and student IDs from a .csv report from PowerSchool. Students will then have a unique log in each time they take a Quia assessment on your Quia account thus capturing who they are inclusive of the ID number.  This prevents you from adding this as a question to your assessments.

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